1. It’s the world’s largest Multi-Denominational Video Bible School, providing undergraduate and graduate-level Biblical education in Ministry and Marketplace
  2. It’s a Church based Video Curriculum
  3. It’s is a curriculum taught by a world known faculty, Ministry and Marketplace Leaders, teaching in their area of expertise.
  4. It’s available in English, Tagalog, Cebuano & Ilokano in the Philippines and over 80 major world languages in 150 Nations.
  5. It’s a professionally recorded training program, complete with Leader’s Guide, Student Work Book, Assignments and Exams.
  6. It’s a powerful tool for any local pastor to home grow his leaders and prepare students for the Challenges and Opportunities to be ministers in the Church and in the Marketplace!
  7. A program where every willing Believer can be trained
  8. It’s Flexible, allowing you to pause and continue to accommodate your schedule.
  9. It’s cost effective and easy to implement
  10. It’s a pathway to an Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees